The politics of football in Africa

The politics of football in Africa

July 18, 2020

Everywhere on the continent, however, and African football is by no means alone in this, the inequities and injustices of ufabet global networks have been multiplied by the corruption and incompetence of its ruling institutions.

The politics of football in Africa

National football federations have made their own special contribution to the often disastrous organizational state of their leagues and grassroots programmes, but they were given magnificent leadership by CAF and its long-serving president Issa Hayatou, the perfect incarnation of Africa’s immovable presidents-for-life.

When his twenty-eight years as president of the organization came to an end in 2017, his reign was exceeded by only those of Presidents Biya, Obiang. Dos Santos and Mugabe, of Cameroon, ยูฟ่าเบท Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Zimbabwe respectively.

Born in 1946 the son of a Muslim sultan in northern Cameroon, Issa Hayatou played basketball for his country, but football administration became his post-athletics career when he became the secretary of the Cameroonian football association in 1974.

In 1988, he won the presidency of CAF. Acquisitions of this kind of sinecure were not unusual in a family that remained very close to President Biya and boasted an ex-prime minister amongst its number. Challenges to his position in 2000 and 2004 were imperiously swept aside, and the vanquished were duly punished.

For more than two decades, his rule in African ufabet football was absolute if comatose.

He certainly entrenched his own and Africa’s positions within FIFA, securing more World Cup places for the continent and committee roles for its tribunes. Under his rule, AFCON was expanded to sixteen teams and its slot in the middle of the European football season protected.

TV deals and sponsorships for AFCON, as well as the CAF Champions League, inched up in value, but were worth less than 5 per cent of their European equivalents. What he did not do was address any of the long-standing structural problems in African football administration and governance.