The vast majority of the world's professional footballers

The vast majority of the world’s professional footballers

May 10, 2020

The vast majority of the world’s professional footballers: Diverse as the origins of these ยูฟ่าเบท players are, their destinations are highly concentrated. Europe, which furnishes less than half the teams in the competition, is home to nearly three-quarters of the players here.

The vast majority of the world’s professional footballers

The vast majority of the world's professional footballers

Forty per cent of them play in just the top five European leagues, 105 in the English Premier League alone. 130 of the players, over 15 per cent of the total, play at just ten of Europe’s leading clubs.

They are, of course, just the tip of a much larger global pyramid of ยูฟ่าเบท professional footballers, the 1 per cent who earn more than $700,000 a year, and the 0.1 per cent who are bringing in the tens of millions sustainable leagues of Mexico, the USA, mid-range European countries and East Asia.

At the bottom are the vast majority of the world’s professional footballers. Needless to say, the top tiers are exclusively male. Even the very best paid women professionals, few as they are, remain in the bottom strata. Here, it transpires, 45 per cent of all players are on 1,000 dollars a month or less, are often paid late, and many are playing without contracts, health care or insurance, inside ufabet institutions that are regularly cruel and abusive.

And FIFA wonders why there are epidemics of match-fixing, sexual abuse and mental ill health raging in professional football?

Now is a good moment to look to the north side of the Maracanã, where, in the best seats in the house, FIFA and their special guests are standing up for the anthems.

The VVIP guest list, leaked this morning on social media, makes for interesting reading.13 Of course, there is a large phalanx of FIFA officials and members of its executive ยูฟ่าเบท commit interest here is to count how many of them have departed the scene in disgrace, and how many of them are now in jail.

President Blatter, General Secretary Valcke and Vice-President Platini have all been banned from football by FIFA itself. The Spaniard Angel Villar is in prison at home, charged with the corrupt use of government funds.

Jeffrey Webb, the former President of CONCACAF, and Guatemalan Rafael Salguero, previously a member of the FIFA executive, are in Prison awaiting their sentences, having been convicted of ufabet moneylaundering and racketeering in a New York court in 2017.

The man in overall charge today, the head of the organizing committee and the Brazilian football federation, José Maria Marin, was found very guilty of the same crimes at the same trial.